Mobile Uses

In the workplace a mobile phone may been seen as a distraction but with new innovative technology and software, your mobile can now be used as a tool.

With more than 10 years experience in producing presentations for companies, from such devise sectors of industry as, IT, medical, marketing, education and manufacturing, we are happy to tackle any size of project. Presentation briefs can be emailed or faxed, if you are local we will be happy to visit you, or for you to visit us and talk to our designers.

We have the technology to include images from colour prints, transparencies or 35mm slides, plus electronic images stored in a vast array of file formats and media. Our service includes the inputting of text, the production of graphs, charts and diagrams, plus the programming of slide transitions and special effects.

Our designers will harmonise your colour scheme, select the fonts and add the perfect transitions to enhance your presentation. They will also improve the layout of your slides and suggest alternative layouts where appropriate or requested.

Mobile apps will empower your business

A mobile app can be created for your business to add greater convenience for customers, whilst improving brand awareness and increasing engagement with potential consumers. Allow your customers to act for effectively with your business by creating a space where they can easily buy your services, shop the latest products and stay up to date with industry news.

Alt Agency is a mobile app developer agency in Birmingham. Their specialist team has the skills, knowledge and experience to generate an app that works on iOS, Android and Web Apps.

iOS is one of the world’s most popular operating systems and is one of the easiest interfaces to use. Reports have found that those who use iOS are more likely to spend in app purchases, another great way of increasing sales. Check out more information.

Control Presentations With Your Phone

One of the features that attracts many of our clients is the ability to show your presentation on the monitor yet use your mobile to go through each slide and show more interactive features and aspects.

For example if you include detailed images in your presentation you can use your phone to enlarge the image and talk through it with your audience so that the message that you are trying to show is clear.


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