Templates To Design Your Own Phone Case Online

Where can I design a phone case online in minutes using my own images? It just so happens that we have the answer to this little quandary. You can design your own phone case right here at Casemad.com. It's a relatively simple process with most of the effort just requiring a little imagination. mobile

With imagination in hand and a catalogue of your favourite images of family and friends you can start straight away. Though it is possibly better to consider what you want your phone case to look like come the end. Take time to select related photos, if you have Dropbox that may come in handy also. They could be holidays, or funny moments captured on film. Film - it's a phrase, cameras used to have rolls of the stuff remember!?!

If you're designing for a personalised iPad Christmas case, you can design your own phone case with your nearest and dearest kin. Play around with your photo editor and add Christmas hats and find a background scene that has a nice warm fireplace. Did you look at our intelligent interface?

Inside you'll find a growing collection of unique templates which you can use to better design a phone case that manages the space available. Enabling you to position photos so that certain elements shine throw. Such as faces or locations.

Our templates actually save you design time buy allowing you to position photos, resize and then add text afterwards. For a birthday phone case, as an example, you could upload picture of your child from birth to recently showing how they have grown. upload several images of them at 1 years, 3, 5, 10, 12, 16, 22 and 25 and truly embarrass them with the strapline of "still loves his mum!"

Personalised phone cases are great for any occasion but don't lump for second best. While you design your own phone case consider these facts. We are very competitive on price, use state of the art printers to ensure the highest print quality and use full colour imaging for the perfect gift.

It's also worth noting that no matter which model of mobile you have, all our cases are designed to fit exact dimensions so all ports are still accessible. The custom cases will also protect against light impact damage ensuring knocks, drops and scratches do no cause as much damage as they would without a case.

To get started and design a phone case right this very minute, click to select your case at www.casemad.com and open our advanced interface. All the tools and templates await your instruction and you'll have a your brand new mobile phone case delivered on the next working day - yes it's that quick!

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